brian b. waugh, attorney at law

Georgia Divorce

Waugh and Associates can provide the personalized representation that you need to achieve a successful result for your family law issue.  We can help you in both uncontested and contested legal matters.


Uncontested Divorce representation is offered on a flat fee basis plus court costs.  All parties must be in agreement as to child custody arrangements, property division, and child support must be paid pursuant to state guidelines. Call our law office today to inquire about flat fee representation for an uncontested divorce.


‚ÄčContested Family Matters

Often family matters become contested as parties cannot come to an agreement on key elements such as property division, child custody and visitation rights.  Inevitably, these disagreements lead to a court filing requesting a judge to settle the dispute.  We offer representation in the following areas:

Contested Divorce

Our firm works hard with our clients to provide affordable legal representation. Retainers are tailored to your specific needs. We take pride in providing excellent representation at an affordable rate. We encourage all clients to interview two or more attorneys so that you can see the difference between us and the rest. We have a proven track record of quality representation.

Additionally, we work hard to tailor your retainer to fit your needs, not a one size fits all approach. A lot of divorce attorneys charge the same retainer for all clients. We tailor our retainers to the specifics of your case. So a $4,500 retainer at another firm might only be $2,500 with our firm. Call today for a free consultation to determine what your initial retainer will be.

Child Support/Custody Modifications

It is important that parents be able to afford an attorney when a divorce modification is necessary to address a change in circumstances which affects your children. We offer clients flexible retainers and reasonable hourly rates. We will aggressively represent your interests in court to help maximize your result. Call today for a free consultation.